Emma Cupillard,

Global Internal Audit Director, Mars Inc

I’ve been privileged throughout my career to receive a lot of high-end leadership development training. The Evolving Leadership programme goes beyond any of it and really does work. Quite apart from helping me improve my self-awareness and inner balance, it’s enabled me to identify clearly my purpose in life and to connect this directly with my day-to-day aims, personal as well as professional. This has massively increased my impact as a leader.

Jon Smith,

CEO, Pobble

At the start of the Evolving Leadership programme I was on the edge of burning out, full of self-doubt and overwhelmed by everything going on in my life. I've learned ways of staying calm, in control and not being derailed by external events. Now I feel like a different person: I’m doing so much more and it doesn’t feel hard. I’m just relaxed and excited. And this has come from working on myself. That’s such a big thing for me to realise.

Nikki Gatenby

Owner, Propellernet

The Evolving Leadership Programme has been game-changing on a number of levels; mental, emotional, psychological, physical... I’ve got a different map to navigate how I think and make decisions. Being in the mountains and understanding how nature copes with adversity creates wonderful metaphors for me; in particular how the willow tree responds to an avalanche, where being flexible and working with the adversity to thrive is the successful way forward. #BeMoreWillow is the mantra we all took away. Having the space to make these new connections has created a significant positive shift. It’s motivating and inspiring in equal measure.

Kathryn Sheridan,

CEO, Sustainability Consult

Sally-Anne works at the crossroads between ​leadership and ​mindfulness. Her guidance has helped me become a better leader, ​more connected to my team and myself​, without losing myself in the process. Not only is she a highly-talented leadership coach, Sally-Anne also embodies the example of living and breathing your way to a more present, joyful life.

Stephen Burt,

Director, GibsonStarr

I really value Sally-Anne’s hard-won practical wisdom and deep understanding of the inner leader. It’s a rare combination. Her calm and compassion come from who she is. Her appreciation of the challenge of leadership comes from what she’s done. Together, they equip her to support others who want to build strong foundations for remarkable achievements. The foundation I built at one of Sally-Anne’s executive retreats in 2017 is still an integral part of my work.

Elena Kerrigan,

Managing Director, Think Productive

I would equate the Evolving Leadership programme to the feeling of clarity you get when you hit the ‘re-centre’ button on your Google maps. Sally-Anne creates the safe space you never give yourself to truly evaluate the path you’re on. You learn to zoom in and out, unlock what’s there within you and become clear about where you’re going.

Elena Grishina,

CFO, Renaissance Capital

The different cultural perspectives of the multinational group are stimulating and thought-provoking. It’s just the right size to feel both personal and diverse. I’ve also gained invaluable insights: clarity about my purpose and real understanding of how to rush less and pause more.

Lesley Abery,

Group Director, Mercuri Urval

As a leader of global teams and relationships, I found the experience highly relevant and applicable to the constant challenges of working in a VUCA world. I left a more focused, productive, resilient leader. I anticipate a clear and immediate return on my investment – from deeper and more ‘true’ client relationships to more efficient use of mine and my team’s efforts.

Fiona Adams, Transformational Coach and Supervisor, UK

Sally-Anne’s approach attends sensitively to the whole person, she asks powerful questions, and brings her expertise in the field of professional development into her coaching. I deepened my emotional and social intelligence, giving me the stronger base I needed to be more effective in my work.

John Peters,

Director, Monkey Business

As an experienced leader herself, Sally-Anne understands the nuances of helping leaders perform successfully. She is incisive, compassionate and intuitive. Her gentle, subtle and focused style has allowed me to expose the areas that I knew needed attention but could not quite access.

Vladimir Gibenko,

CIO, Rosgosstrakh

Sally-Anne has helped me focus on and improve the people management areas in which I lacked confidence. With her gentle and supportive coaching style she builds a very open and creative atmosphere that supports self-improvement in all areas. My skills, self-confidence and job satisfaction have materially improved thanks to the mindfulness techniques she taught me. Coaching with Sally-Anne is challenging and fun. The result is definitely worth the effort. 

Olga Andreeva,

Director, Business Process, Tele2

Sally-Anne is a highly qualified, knowledgeable and trustworthy executive coach, who has helped me a lot with my personal and career development. Her input and gentle, respectful, professional way of coaching has helped me identify my weaknesses and understand how to manage them. With her help a whole new world has opened up for me. The value of sessions with Sally-Anne is priceless. 


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