Too Busy To Meditate? Try This...

Updated: Apr 7

Stop. Take a breath. Notice how it feels in your body.

This is your first step to meditating. In doing this you’re creating a new mini habit. Mini habits start small – even ‘stupid small’. But what matters is they start.

Once you’ve taken one breath, it’s easy enough to take two more. Just three consecutive focused breaths are giving your busy mind a much-needed break. While you’re focusing on your breath, you’re not focusing on your thoughts. You’re allowing your mind to rest. And this is nourishing your mind and your body.

Noticing how your breath feels in your body is a key part of meditating and it can be fun.

Try this:

As you breathe in, close your mouth and focus on the flow of air entering your nostrils. Notice your chest rising, perhaps your stomach expanding. As you breathe out, notice your body releasing your breath and the air flowing out through your nostrils. Notice that the air leaving your nostrils feels warmer than the air flowing in.

Repeat as often as you like. Your mind and your body will thank you for it.

Remember: breathe, you’re worth it!


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