To Unplug or Not to Unplug - Is That The Question?

Updated: Apr 7

Ever find it hard to get through the day without logging on to social media? Or to go more than 30 minutes without checking your messages? You may want to join thousands of others around the world in the National Day of Unplugging. It starts at sunset this evening, wherever you are in the world.

Now in its 8th year, this event began in the USA and was inspired by the Jewish Sabbath tradition of observing a weekly day of rest to unwind, relax and connect with loved ones. Participants pledge to unplug from digital media for as long as they can during this 24-hour period, and focus instead on living life a different way.

In this age of distraction, where communications overload is endemic, consciously unplugging offers us a break from its ceaseless bombardment. It’s an opportunity to be present with what is, right under our nose. If we don’t do this occasionally, real life can pass us by unnoticed.

Digitally unplugging offers our mind a chance to rest.

The question isn’t about unplugging for the sake of unplugging. It’s about whether you feel empowered to choose…

1. To take responsibility for managing your digital communications.

2. Which channels you want to keep open — based on your priorities and what adds meaningful value to your life.

3. When, how and to whom you will respond.

Through awareness and choice we develop digital mastery.

With conscious choice, you can stay connected to your remote network and be present for those around you.

Mastering our devices is about mastering ourselves. Mastering ourselves serves us and our relationship not only with our devices, but with the whole world around us.

Our retreats in the French Alps are about creating moments of focused calm — to support you to make conscious choices about when and how you use your devices.


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