Day 19 - Your Inner Smile

Updated: Apr 20


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Watch this video to practise pausing and to reflect on flowers; their beauty, symbolism, and the way in which they can lift our spirits. Standing in our front garden on a sunny spring day, contemplating the blossom and flowers, I reflect on the universal appeal of flowers and the emotions they evoke. I consider how looking into a flower can lighten our heart, while also reminding us of our transience and interconnectedness. I want more people to be able to pause and consciously choose what to say and how to act in any situation. That's why I’m providing this series of 21 videos as a free resource. In each video I teach you my simple pause tool and some ways of finding more ease in your life. Practising this for 21 days will give you a solid foundation for a new habit. If you find any or all of the videos helpful and would like to make a contribution, it will be very welcome. Please make a PayPal donation to

Join me for 21 days on the mountain, and learn how to create more calm moments in your life.


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