the ability to hold space

Mindful Command® is our own holistic foundation for authentic leadership and self-mastery. 

It has four integrated elements:

Clear Purpose, Balanced Awareness, Fearless Compassion, Inner Stability.



meaning - ownership

Simply and powerfully getting clear

on what matters in your life

To lead others, we must first understand how we are leading ourselves.


We must look inside, ask ourselves some powerful questions and face the honest answers. 

What really matters?
How am I living it?



self - others - context

Being fully present in the moment, tuning into what's happening

within you, around you and for others.

If we want different outcomes, we need a different approach.


If we want to change something that isn’t working, it’s important to look at it from all angles and develop a realistic view of what’s actually happening. This requires an accurate awareness of three perspectives: our own, others' and the context.


compassion - courage

Having the courage

to do what's right

Compassion is an antidote to judgement.

When we acknowledge our fear, we awaken our capacity for self-compassion. And when we view our own limitations with compassion, we're more able to do so for others.


Fearless compassion is the state of humility and acceptance in which true courage is born.  


present - aligned

Grounded, spacious, adaptable,

nurturing trust

To move from feeling destabilised – knocked off balance by an external event – to feeling stable, balanced and calm, we need to bring our awareness into our body and create space to be with our feelings and sensations. With practice we can develop a sense of inner stillness that supports clear thinking and decisive action. Over time we're able to move freely from frenetic to flow. We begin to know, feel

and trust that within us we have

everything we need.


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