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At Skilful Leaders, we understand that leaders want to lead well - consistently- and stay on top of their job. This needs a stable platform for continuing growth, which has to be from the inside out. 


We help leaders everywhere to do the essential inner work that makes this possible.


Never has it been more critical for leaders to have the skills they need to guide organisations into an uncertain future.

And yet many well-established leadership methodologies leave leaders ill-equipped to translate knowledge into action at the messy interface between business and relationships – the place where things get done.

Our aim at Skilful Leaders is to address this head-on by offering simple, effective, immediately applicable ways of sharpening your focus, staying centred and calm in any situation and being the difference you want to make in your world. 

The face and founder of Skilful Leaders, Sally-Anne Airey, is a highly skilled leadership coach with lots of hard-won practical wisdom and over 35 years' experience as a Royal Navy Commander, international business leader, and mindfulness teacher.


In response to the very real need all leaders have for more space to think and see more clearly, Sally-Anne has developed a methodology, Mindful Command®, to help leaders everywhere create inner space, clarity and the potential to do the right thing in all situations.

In all our services we help leaders become the best version of themselves, so that they can generate great working relationships, make better decisions, be more focused and productive, and thrive in the face of constant challenge and change. 



A professional coach for over 12 years, Sally-Anne has an Advanced Diploma in Coaching from The OCM in Oxford. She is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the UK, and a certified Mindfulness at Work Trainer and Retreat Leader. She also speaks and writes on leadership and Mindfulness.


Others describe her as calm, compassionate, naturally empathic, sensitive to the whole person, incisive, intuitive, gentle, subtle and focused. She can engage strongly with you, opens your mind to new possibilities, asks powerful questions and helps you to deepen your emotional and social intelligence.


Sally-Anne works in association with other experienced coaches who share her philosophy and values.


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