Our philosophy is simple:  at the heart of good leadership

is the ability to hold space for yourself and others, with integrity.

To do this you must align who you are with how you lead.

We teach you how to do this.

You learn how to embrace and embody Mindful Command®.

You become a courageous and compassionate leader.

You hold space and act decisively in all circumstances.

The face and founder of Skilful Leaders, Sally-Anne Airey brings the practical wisdom of nearly 40 years as a Royal Navy Commander, international business leader and leadership coach.


Mindful Command® is the foundation for clear, courageous, grounded, compassionate leadership. Developed by Sally-Anne to enable you to hold space - anywhere, anytime.

Become the best version of yourself, consistently. Apply here for one-to-one coaching, an executive retreat or the 9-month Evolving Leadership programme.



Sally-Anne has spent her whole life figuring out what leadership really is: by doing, studying and observing, by making mistakes and learning from them, and by coaching other leaders - from whom she has learnt so much.


She has an Advanced Diploma in Coaching from The OCM in Oxford. She's also a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the UK, and a certified Mindfulness at Work Trainer and Retreat Leader. She enjoys speaking and writing on leadership and Mindfulness.


She's been a professional coach for over 15 years.


Others describe her as calm, compassionate, naturally empathic, sensitive to the whole person, incisive, intuitive, gentle, subtle and focused. She can engage strongly with you, open your mind to new possibilities, and ask powerful questions to deepen your awareness and emotional intelligence.


Sally-Anne works alongside a diverse group of highly skilled coaches who share her philosophy.


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